Senior Coaches

Acrobatic Gymanstics Head Coach – Lisa Thomas
General Gymnastic Co-ordinator – Julie Jenkins

Acrobatic Gymnastics Coaches
Level 4 – Lisa Thomas
Level 3 – Julie Jenkins, Sophie Bevan, Katie Jenkins, Sophie John
Level 1 – Luke Price,Emily Stock,Sophie Jenkins, Shaun Maine

Lisa Thomas
Lisa joined West Street when she was just 4 years old.  Lisa has over 14 years coaching experience, is a Senior Club Level 4 Coach and works with the Senior Acrobatics Squad. Lisa’s dedication to coaching is second to none and her contribution to the achievements of the Squad are outstanding. Lisa competed in many International Competitions and came second in the British Championships in Senior Womens Pairs in 2000 and competed for Wales in Womens Groups.

Julie Jenkins
Julie has been coaching for over 6 years, is a Club Coach in both Acrobatic and General Gymnastics and is currently coaching the Acrobatic squads at West Street. Julie has set up the general class structures that are run on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening which has been a huge contributing factor to the success of introducing new talent to the squad. Julie is also qualified as a Judge and a trampolining coach.

Sophie Bevan
Sophie specialises in Choreography and has played a major part for the past 4 years in West Street winning so many Welsh championship Medals. Sophie is an assistant coach at Level 3 in Acro, and has over 5 years coaching experience. Sophie joined West Street when she was 5 years old and has competed for West Street in Artistic and Acrobatic Gymnastics. Sophie was a member of the British Acrobatic squad and has competed for Wales many times.

Katie Jenkins
Katie has been training as a gymnast since she was 6 years old. Katie began coaching as an assistant at the very young age of 12 and has gained many years of experience. Katie has played a major part for the past 2 years in developing young talent in the squad. Katie is a Level 3 Coach in Acrobatics and Level 1 in trampolining.

Sophie John
Sophie has been training as a gymnast since she was 6 years old. Sophie is now a Level 3 Coach in Acrobatics, and assists the Welsh Acro Senior Sqaud, travelling to all the competitions abroad.