18 Mar

Celtic Cup 2011 Success

Congratulations to all 13 West Street gymnasts who competed in Cork, Ireland on 12th March 2011 and brought home 11 GOLD’s and 2 Silver medals!!

1st time international Acro competitors Luke Price, Mari Davies and Zoe Jones performed exceptionally well to receive Gold and Silver medals in their categories!

West Street played a huge part in this year’s Celtic Cup International

NDP team

Grade 3 Mixed Pair Luke Price & Emily Stock, and Grade 1 trio Heather Carter, Lauren Daniel & Bronwen Maine performed fantastic routines and jointly scored the highest mark of the day out of all of the NDP competitors!! And both took GOLD medals in their category’s!

A great contribution was made by one of our newest partnership’s Sophie Bevan, Katie Jenkins and Mari Davies who scored the highest balance NDP score of the day to take home the gold medal in the Grade 3 Team.

Lia Richards, Charlotte Thomas and Rhiannon Maine took GOLD in both of their routines, and were the only Welsh gymnasts to perform both of their routines (Balance and Dynamic) bringing an excellent contribution to the team.

Lowri Evans and Zoe Jones were the last Welsh performers of the day and performed a new routine with great confidence to take team Silver at the Grade 2 category.

Once again thank you to the support of the parents, and especially the coaches who have worked so hard to achieve the success of the gymnasts at this International. 🙂